The world is changing right now.
Let's join hands to drive the change positively.

Be part of this breakthrough and revolutionary project to make our homes warmer by using up to 100% renewable energy sources that have zero energy cost while also ensuring our planet is really very much safer and healthier for us to live in.

Welcome to EHP, World's First and the only known 5th Generation Heating and Cooling Technology

EHP is a revolutionary technology that makes heating and cooling of homes factories, plants and cities much more cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Our innovative heat transfer technology makes your home warmer and our planet healthier and cleaner.

Years of development allowed us to build the world's most efficient heat transfer technology. EHP offers you the rare opportunity to invest in an actual and best green energy project with a huge ROI.

Our globally renowned engineers, professors and professionals have created a product based on nano-born technology which completely changes the heating-cooling and waste heat recovery processes. The product transfers heat up to 15.840W/m.k, which is way faster than traditional ones. Its waste heat recovery can rise up to 100%; the only one currently achieving this feat in the world.

From a carbon footprint up to a 100% green future of our planet.

The EHP technology provides fast heating, slow cooling, and up to 95% less water use. Altogether, this technology can solve up to 100% of the world's current energy crisis and save our planet for future generations in heating, cooling and waste heat recovery world.

Please check our video to know more about EHP

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Advanced heating-сooling and waste heat recovery technology can be an Ultimate Investment Tool.

Today, we are introducing the EHP Token: an ultimate investment tool and our gateway to a brighter future.

EHP Token Distribution






Total issue:


Funds allocation

Property, plant, and equipment

$14 305 000


$11 500 000

R&D and publications

$4 155 000

Working capital

$1 200 000

EHP STO: Our Chance to make this World Better

Today, there is a higher demand for efficient heating – cooling and waste heat recovery technology than ever in our history. ehp is designed to be an excellent solution for millions of businesses; homes, cities, plants, factories, facilities, agricultural world. you can participate in the ehp sto and convert the best energy technology by heat transfer system to an ultimate investment tool for high returns.

One Technology to Revolutionize the Entire Industry

The EHP technology can be deployed across multiple industries, from electronic board cooling to nuclear power plants.

Solar Collector
Panel Radiators
Chilled Beam Units
Roof Heating and Cooling units
Satellite Heating and Cooling Units
Greenhouse Heating Units
Highway Heating Units
Highway Heating Units
Hybrid Ceiling HVAC Panel
Passive Cooling System for GSM Relay Stations
ORC-Cycle Power Generator
Underfloor Heating Units
Water Heating Units
plant Root Heating Units
Human Body Heating Units
Kalina-Cycle cooling unit
Photo Voltaic Thermal Units
Energy storage unit
Heat Recovery for energy plants
Roof Heating and Cooling units
Heat Recovery Units

EHP technology is the only one currently available that can solve up to 100% of our energy crisis and carbon footprint problem which will cause to save our planet for future generation.


2009 2025
  • Start of the R&D phase
  • Testing of more than 90 ASHRAE-compliant prototypes begins.
  • Tests started on test laboratories and notable Universities.
  • Tests started at Gazi University.
  • Tests begin in accredited test laboratories of METU, Başkent University and TOBB University of Economics & Technology.
  • Energies Journal, a leader in the energy sector, announced with a special edition that EHP technology would be the technology of the future.
  • Over 20 publications published in the world's most prestigious scientific journals.
  • 3 owned and 32 in the application process.
  • A total of 14 design registries are owned, while 2 are in the application process.
  • Q1: Start of marketing campaign and community building;
  • Q2/Q3: Seed and Private Sale;
  • Q4: Public Sale
  • Listing on top tier CEX’s;
  • Factory construction for mass production;
  • Building a distributor network in Europe.
  • Start of mass production

EHP technologies AG

EHP used systems are patented technologies of EHP technologies AG, a technology, r&d company that designs and analyzes energy, heat transfer, waste heat recovery, decarbonization, heating, and cooling systems using advanced engineering tools. the company was founded in Switzerland in 2009.


Malik Çağlar


Anil Çil


Birol Kilkis

Scientific consultant

Atilla Bıyıkoğlu

Technical Consultant

Mert Şengül

R&D Director

Bünyamin Yavaş

Production Manager

Canberk İnal

Design Expert


Victor Larionov

Dr. Pavel Entin

Sandra Tusin